Black Beauty

Black Beauty is the narrator of the novel. and is a well bred handsome black horse. with and white foot and a white star on it and the rest of its body is black. it is a really fast runner and has won every single race. I did not know how strong horses could kick. […]

George Washington

George  Washington never had a middle name and while other people said his hair was fake it wasnt it was 100% real he made a pretty hefty salary  he was also so high of a rank that no president has ever passed his rank not even today he has also fought in wars and stood up […]

last day of school

well at least for me today is the last day of school most of you out there that is in public school is problay field day or whatever you guys would call yours if you live in Virginian go to mount trash more the carnival is open its so fun there is a lot of […]

make your own story

one day me and my friend and my brother were going to the park when we got there we played and then we heard someone say help we got curios if we should do it or if it was a trick what do you think happen here are some ideas my animal ran away,i got […]